Understand the latest in hybrid SAN storage with NexGen

As an IT professional, you're focused on productivity. For yourself and for your users. You want IT to contribute directly to the success of your business.

We get that. That's why NexGen Storage is about more than just data storage - it's about meeting your business objectives. NexGen. Your priorities at work.

Built for business performance

With NexGen, you prioritise your data based on its value to your business. And your NexGen hybrid flash array uses those priorities to ensure that employees get a superior end-user experience for the applications with the data that matters most to your business.

Purpose-Built PCIe Flash Architecture

No other hybrid system offers this level of performance - more IOPs, less latency.

Dynamic Prioritisation

You decide the importance of your data, NexGen QoS guarantees performance.

Policy-based Simplicity

Get your time back. Intuitive management with VM integration makes administration a doddle.

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